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Trantorgames launch new arcade Jump Mania
TrantorGames reaches 3000000 downloads in Nokia Ovi Store!
TrantorGames reaches 1000000 downloads in Nokia Ovi Store!
7/10 Scored CyberElk review by
7.5/10 Scored Nick Diamond's Jewel Towers review by
Trantorgames proudly presents the puzzle "Nick Diamond's Jewel Towers"
TrantorGames company starts working on new puzzle game with working title "Jewel Towers".
70% Scored ColoJump review by

Jump up, jump up and get down!

If simple three-button gaming gets your thumbs tingling and your brain in stimulation overdrive, then Colo is looking for you. He looks like Pacman and plays like Donkey Kong, with a bit of Frogger thrown into the mix. Fusing three quality and extremely addictive games into the mixer is one thing, but can the hybrid produce a game of equal quality?

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Swap and burst jewels to win the game of Ancient Incas! Clear all 50 levels with two game modes! Move group of 3 jewels and Match 3 or more identical jewels. Destroy the required number of each jewel to clear level Earn mach points as possible to get the bonuses


Jump. Run. Eat.

Control little Pacman bro, jump through five worlds and eat all yellow dots in this incredible mix of 80`th classics - Pacman and Jumping Jack. Avoid monsters, but you can jump from upper platform on monster to destroy it. Collect fruits and power ups.


AK 47 - side scrolling shooter game with old school pixel art. Your mission is to destroy all the nasty aliens and save Earth from nuclear contamination. Features: - 4 game areas by 5 level each - 20 kind of monsters - 4 bosses with individual fighting tactics - Old school pixel art graphics


This Deluxe version of the popular Match 3 game - Jewel Towers Deluxe. Welcome to the Mystery Island! Swap and burst jewels to beat the Guard of Towers, get the freedom and richness! Pass 50 levels in 4 Towers with 3 different game modes!


Nick Diamond's Jewel Towers - It is a fascinating puzzle in stylistics "3-in-line", transferring you in the world of adventures, infinite treasures, magic and dangers. Game which will not give seconds of rest to your ‘little grey cells’ and will present to you hours of pleasant pastime.

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